Pet Sitting

Due to popular request, here are a few photos of our pet sitting service.  We dog sit or cat sit in your own home allowing you peace of mind that your pet will be at home in their usual environment rather than in a kennel or cattery. Here at sitmyhouse we love all animals whether large or small and here is a small selection of those we have looked after this year.

Greyhound pet sitting services London

Crystal the greyhound has used dog sitting services on a number of occasions and is firm favourite with her pet sitter. She loves her walks and home comforts and can often be found wagging her tail enthusiastically in her sleep as she snoozes.


Ever heard of a Jug? Jack is an amazing cross between a Jack Russell and a Pug. He has boundless energy and can walk for miles, but when he’s finally worn himself out, he loves nothing more than cuddles on the sofa with his pet sitter.                   Jack the Jug, a cross between jack russell and pug dogs



The beautiful Mog, who is currently the oldest cat we have looked after at the grand old age of 19. Mog likes nothing more than cuddles, strokes and lots of attention from her pet sitter and she certainly gets it.

cat sitting London, cat sitting walthamstow



Two of our regulars dogs Mollie and Max, loving their dinners.  Mollie the Bischon/Llhasa cross rules the roost and Max is more than happy to let her.

Mollie and Max



At 18 years old, Cleo is the second oldest cat sitmyhouse has provided pet sitting services for. All she wanted was lots of cuddles and we were happy to give her  lots!






Sonny the Lab / Staffy cross dog liked sleeping on his owner’s bed when he wasn’t on his walks and he wasn’t going to move for anyone.Sonny




IMG_1650It’s not just dogs and cats we sit for, we love all pets! These two  adorable Guinea-pigs called Lilly and Poppy were visited in their own home twice a day for 2 weeks, whilst their lucky family went to Disney World.



Eve is a true princess cat and Cat sitting whilst owner was on holidaysitmyhouse have been lucky to look after her on a number of occasions, Her unusual markings are stunning and she is a delight to look after.



You’ve seen the Jug, now meet WithersWithers the pug.  He is a very cute, energetic little boy who we love dog sitting for.



Ruby the Cokerpoo looking very proud after recently passing her Kennel Kennel Club Good Citizen SchemeClub Bronze Citizen Award




Woody and Louis, two beautiful brothers, full  of personality who Dashund and Welsh terrier Dog sittingjust love to play with their dog sitters.




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