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sitmyhouse  provides house and pet sitters available on both a long and short-term basis.

Dominic – Co-owner/ManagerIMG_20190426_102629_1

Cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and goldfish have been part of my life since the tender age of three. Owning my first cat (Fliss/Felicity) – whom I adored – led to a lifelong fascination, from their extreme cuddliness (but on their own terms) right through to their haughty, aristocratic demeanour, normally adopted when they wish you to know they think you are a bit ‘silly’. Equally at home with dogs though, and there is nothing more rewarding than a brisk walk with a four-legged fellow who finds anything and everything absolutely fascinating.

My background is as a senior manager in the recruitment selection and finance sectors, and more recently in major gift fundraising for the NSPCC. However I am now up for the next very different – but hugely exciting – challenge, building on Lucie’s amazing legacy.

Grant - Co-owner and Principal SitterIMG_20190426_102320_1 (1)

I came to England from New Zealand for a six week holiday and liked it so much that I decided to stay – that was 32 years ago. I grew up in a suburb of Auckland where every other house had a dog or a cat, including our own miniature poodle called René. Since moving to the UK I have owned three cats most recently a jet black rescue cat called Inky. I have over 30 years experience working as a manager in the hospitality industry, mainly in private clubs, pubs and bars in central London.

I have been working very happily for Sitmyhouse for the last two years and have known Lucie (the Founder) for over ten years. Along with Dominic I am delighted to be the new co-owner and am really looking forward to building on the incredibly high standards Lucie has established since the business was set up over 6 years ago.

Lucie – Sitter

LucieLucie was the original founder of sitmyhouse  and continues to be involved primarily with running the doggy day care.  Lucie has a huge love of all animals and vast experience gained over the past decade.


Veronique – Sitter

VeroniqueI love nothing more than spending time with animals and have a particular fondness for Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzus. A perfect day for me would involve a walk around Epping Forest with a couple of gorgeous dogs to keep me company.

When I am not walking or looking after dogs I love the outdoors, whether it’s cycling, running or simply enjoying a BBQ in summer.

Deborah – Sitter

My name is Deb and I am a huge animal lover.

Dog and cat sitter

Over the years I have had 2 cats 3 boxer dogs numerous
guinea pigs, budgies and a rabbit ! At the moment I have one
elderly cat called Paddle. I love the opportunity this job gives me to spend time with animals. I am also a qualified Nanny with over 14 years of experience.

Tessa – Sitter

Tess (as you might guess from the picture) is the twin sister of Deb! Tess Dog and Cat Sitter

I was brought up surrounded by boxer dogs, guinea pigs,rabbits and cats in Ireland and have always loved animals. I’m an actress and also  mum,but miss having animals of my own, so love having this opportunity to spend time with some great ones .In my spare time I’m a volunteer for The Silverline and am a voracious theatre goer and reader.

Emily – Sitter

Emily with her cat

My name is Emily and there is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with animals of all varieties, shapes and sizes. I am primarily a HUGE cat and dog lover, but over the years I have also had many other types of pets ranging from geckos to giant African land snails!

I have experience with looking after all sorts of domestic animals including dogs, cats, small mammals, birds and fish, and also with farm animals including horses, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks and chickens.

 When I am not looking after people’s pets, I love to socialise with friends and family.  I also enjoy keeping fit and am a keen walker, swimmer and cyclist.



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