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If your pet or house sitting requirements are for within the next 4 hours then call us now on
020 8520 9134 or  07929 289404


Contact us to sign up to use our services, contact can be made in the following ways:

  • Call us on 020 8520 9134 or 07929 289404
  • Email us at
  • Book here

Our house and pet sitters welcome the opportunity to meet with you before we sit for you the first time. Although this isn’t essential for all services, we find the dogs , cats and other pets we sit tend to be more relaxed if they have met their pet sitter in advance.

A quick meeting allows us to introduce ourselves, collect keys and answer any questions or concerns you have about the pet or house sitting service. We’ll run through any special requirements your pet has, such as frequency of walks,  feeding and sleeping regimes. We aim to provide your pet with as close to normal routine as possible in the comfort of their own home or one of our sitters.

We will store your keys securely with no reference to your address and we use a unique coding system. You will even have 24 hour access to your key should the inevitable happen and you are locked out and the neighbour with the spare is out.

If we hold your spare key it allows you to book last minute; we aim to be at your home within the hour if required. That means if you can’t get home for the food delivery or you need to work late and need someone to pop in and walk and feed the dog or cat then sitmyhouse can help.

If your request is urgent and you are new to sitmyhouse or we don’t hold your key then get in touch and we can arrange to collect a key. Please do bear in mind there will be an additional £8 charge if the key collection time is different to the time you have requested for the visit to start.

No joining fee, no hidden charges you just pay for the house or pet sitting services that you use. Please note we respond to all enquiries between the hours of  9 am – 6pm within 1 hour of the request being received. If you can’t wait that long then call us.


We arrive at your allocated time slot and location and carry out your sitting requirements, whether it is to feed your pet or sign for your delivery we will text to let you know that we have attended. If you are away on holiday we can send you updates on your home and pet, and even pictures on request.

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