Need A Cat Sitter In London?

No two cats are the same. We look after some cats that are fiercely independent, popping in for feeding times and then racing straight back out of the cat flap ready for more adventures. For a cat like this, all they want to know is that their dinner will be ready for them when they come back in and that someone is looking after them. For these cats a half an hour visit  from one of our cat sitters once or twice a day is usually enough.

On the other side we also look after house cats who never leave their home. For them company, play-time, cuddles, clean litter trays and routine is as important as feeding and they need far more looking after. This is where we recommend our in home, cat sitting service, providing owners with peace of mind that their pet will have a stress-free time whilst they are away.

Our CRB checked, in home cat sitters will come and stay at your house whilst you are away and cater to your cat’s individual needs. We try and mirror their usual routine, feeding at the same times, playing at the same times and yes, very often the first question we are asked is. “My cat sleeps in the bed with me, will you be OK with that?” The answer is always “yes”.

So if you don’t want the stress of putting your cat into a cattery contact us and we will be more than happy to talk you through the various options.